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Office Supply Company Banned from Telemarketing for Deceptive Practices

Operators of an office supply business, Mia McCrary, John B. Hart, Liberty Supply Co., Norma Hart and Nor-Jay Enterprises, agreed to settle charges brought by the FTC alleging that they bilked millions of dollars from nonprofit organizations and small businesses. The settlement involves defendants being banned from telemarketing, being required to clearly and properly disclose purchase, costs and terms to customers, and judgments of $6.7 million against them. The FTC alleged that defendants deceived small business consumers into buying office supply products at higher prices or in larger quantities than they had agreed to and when they complained, defendants aggressively sought payment or demanded that consumers pay hefty return shipping and restocking fees to send the unwanted products back. Andersen Sleater Sianni represents individuals who have been deceived as a result of a company's unfair business practices. Click here to read more about the FTC's action.


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