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Businesses of all sizes face challenges and situations, where they might want to consult an attorney for advice.  Our attorneys will listen to you and evaluate at no cost your situation and determine if we can provide you with any necessary assistance.  As entrepreneurs ourselves, we are attuned to the fact that businesses often need flexible solutions, and we will work with you to provide the most practical and economically-feasible solution based on your business.

When your business demands the dual need for an accountant and an attorney, you shouldn’t have to pay for two different, high-priced professionals. Attorneys who are also CPAs powerfully combine the knowledge and experience needed to address critical issues from both legal and financial perspectives simultaneously.

Dually-licensed AAA-CPA professionals can advise you on both legal and financial aspects of key operating decisions which encompass both legal and monetary ramifications. An attorney-CPA will also recognize potential future risks and help guard against them.  To further assure your confidence, all AAA-CPA professionals conform to the standards of the respective governing bodies.

For more detailed information on why to hire an attorney who is also a certified public accountant, click here.


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