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Investor Representation


We represent individuals and funds, who seek to take an active role in their investments.  These representations can take various forms based on the situation involved.  We work with our clients to determine the best course of action to pursue.  Some of the representations we undertake for our clients include:


Appraisal Actions

Transactional Class Actions

Securities Fraud Class Actions

Derivative Actions

Corporate Governance

Whistleblower Representation



Bankruptcy & Restructuring



Not every insolvent company needs to file for bankruptcy.  Not every troubled business needs to close its doors.  At Andersen Sleater, we work with each client to determine the tactical maneuvers to obtain the greatest possible value with the objective of accomplishing an outcome that meets or exceeds the client's goals



Consumer Representation


We represent individuals and entities who seek to represent a class of persons or entities, who have been damaged as a result of a company’s false advertising or misrepresentations regarding a product or service.  Sometimes these class actions may, in addition to violating certain consumer protection laws, also be a result of violations of certain antitrust laws that involve monopolization or price fixing in certain industries.


Corporate Representation



Businesses of all sizes face challenges and situations, where they might want to consult an attorney for advice.  Our attorneys will listen to you and evaluate at no cost your situation and determine if we can provide you with any necessary assistance.  As entrepreneurs ourselves, we are attuned to the fact that businesses often need flexible solutions, and we will work with you to provide the most practical and economically-feasible solution based on your business.



Animal Law

Our attorneys represent individuals who have been damaged by products and services relating to animals. We work with animal advocates and non-profit organizations to fight for the rights of pet owners and animals.



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