We represent individuals and funds, who seek to take an active role in their investments.  These representations can take various forms based on the situation involved.  We work with our clients to determine the best course of action to pursue.  Some of the representations we undertake for our clients include:


Appraisal Actions 

We represent individuals or funds who make a demand for appraisal to companies, both public and private, in which they hold stock that is being acquired.  Working with our clients, we will seek the fair value for their stock either through litigation or negotiation.


Transactional Class Actions 

We represent investors who seek to serve as a representative of a class of stockholders in a company that is being acquired.  We may seek through litigation remedies including monetary damages, changes to the merger agreements, or disclosures of certain material information to be provided to stockholders ahead of any vote on a transaction to ensure that they are fully and adequately informed to vote.


Securities Fraud Class Actions 

We also represent investors who seek to serve as a representative of a class of stockholders against a company that makes false and misleading statements that damaged stockholders in violation of federal securities laws.  We seek monetary damages for stockholders, who were damaged as a result of the Company and officers’ misrepresentations and wrongdoing.


Derivative Actions 

We represent investors, who seek to bring a derivative action on behalf of a company against its board of directors for corporate misconduct and wrongdoing.  In these types of actions, we may seek monetary relief for the Company and its stockholders as well as corporate governance reforms.


Corporate Governance 

We represent investors that seek to be involved and advocate for change in the corporate governance of companies in which they invest.  These representations may involve making demands on companies for certain books and records or to take actions including pursuing litigation against certain members of company management or board of directors.  They might also seek to implement other changes such as elections of individuals to the board of directors or other shareholder proposals or transactions.  We represent our clients and their interests before company boards of directors and management.  As an investor, you have tools to be actively involved in the governance of the companies in which you have an ownership interest.


Whistleblower Representation 

We represent individuals, who want to present certain information to the Securities and Exchange Commission or other state and federal government agencies in connection with their whistleblower programs.  Under certain laws, whistleblowers may be entitled to a reward for information and cooperation they may provide to government entities in combating violations of law.  Often when whistleblowers seek to remain anonymous and to strengthen their cases, they are represented by an attorney. We will submit the information for you, represent you before government agencies, and ensure your identity is not revealed to the companies you are providing information about.



When an investor has a dispute with his broker regarding an investment, she may seek a resolution through an arbitration.  Arbitrations are a non-litigation proceeding where the parties may come to an agreement through a third party, arbitrator.  Arbitrations are often used in contracts agreed to by the parties as the means to resolve any dispute arising under it without litigation.