SEC Pays Whistleblower $22m

The Securities and Exchange Commission awarded a whistleblower $22 million for providing a detailed tip and providing extensive assistance in uncovering a fraud. It's the second largest bounty ever paid. Andersen Sleater represents whistleblowers, who may wish to remain anonymous, before government agencies. Click here to read more.

Darden Restaurants Pay Employees with Pre-Paid Debit Cards that Tack on Fees

Darden Restaurants with chains including Olive Garden and Longhorn Steakhouse in an effort to cut costs is paying its employess with pre-paid debit cards. The cards however charge fees for use at ATMs, after being declined and even for checking balances. McDonalds was previously sued for paying its employees this way that lowered their pay below minimum wage. Andersen Sleater is investigating this situation as well as others where employees or consumers are treated unfairly. Click here to read more.

Lawsuit Alleges St. Louis Cities Discriminate with Debtors' Prison

The civil rights legal group, ArchCity Defenders, filed a class action on behalf of their clients against thirteen cities in north St. Louis County, Mo., for creating a debtors’ prison by jailing poor, black people who can’t afford to pay their court fines. The lawsuit alleges the cities target poor black residents with traffic violations. Andersen Sleater LLC represents plaintiffs in class actions to protect their rights against government entities and corporations. Click here to read more.

Costco Sued for Putting Too Much Water in its Canned Chicken

Class action lawsuit brought by a consumer alleges that Costco fills its cans of Kirkland chicken with too much water causing the price of the chicken being paid for to be inflated. Andersen Sleater represents consumers in class actions against companies for unfair business practices and false advertising. We are investigating situations where companies may deceptively market or advertise the amount of food or other substances in their packaging to consumers. Click here to read more.

Class Action Alleges Barilla Underfills its Pasta Boxes

In a class action lawsuit filed in a New York District Court, consumers allege that Barilla deceptively sells some pasta in the same size boxes even though they contain less pasta. For example, Barilla’s standard macaroni version of elbow pasta is sold with one pound of pasta, while ProteinPLUS elbows contain 14.5 ounces per box and Whole Grain elbows have just 13.25 ounces per box. Andersen Sleater represents consumers in deceptive and false advertising lawsuits and investigates situations like Barilla's, where companies may misleadingly package their products. Click here to read more about the Barilla class action.

1-800 Contacts Sued for Unfair Competition for Online Search Restrictions

The Federal Trade Commission sued 1-800 Contacts, for unlawfully entering anticompetitive agreements with 14 rival online contact lens sellers that suppress competition in certain online search advertising auctions and restrict truthful and non-misleading internet advertising to consumers. The FTC alleges that this unfair practice caused some consumers paying higher retail prices for contact lenses. Andersen Sleater represents consumers in their claims for unfair business practices and false advertising against companies across the country. Its attorneys are investigating other unfair and untruthful practices. Click here to read more.

NY Legalizes Fantasy Sports

After numerous lawsuits have been brought, including by NY's Attorney General, against fanstasy sports websites, FanDuel and DraftKings, for illegal gambling and lack of proper disclosures to consumers, NY passed a law legalizing them as games of skill. Click here to read more.

Mars Settles False Advertising Claims Involving Eukanuba Dog Food

The FTC charged Mars with falsely advertising its Eukanuba pet food as extending dogs lives who ate it by 30% without proof of this claim.The settlement prohibits Mars from making such claims and provides for a monitoring to ensure its compliance. Click here to read more.

Court Rules Uber Can't Invoke Arbitration Against Customer

Since the Supreme Court upheld the validity of arbitration agreements, many would-be consumer cases have been halted. However, a federal court in New York, in a consumer class action alleging price-fixing against Uber, recently struck down defendant's attempt to invoke an arbitration clause and class action waiver against the plaintiff-consumer. The court found that Uber that did not previously argue the arbitration issue was not procedurally entitled to reconsideration. It also held that the contractual class action waiver “is most plausibly read as an explanation of the rights that the parties are giving up in agreeing to arbitrate disputes, and not as an independently effective waiver of

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