South Africa Class Action Against Tiger Brands Over Outbreak to be Certified

A deputy judge in South Africa indicated his willingness to certify a class action against Tiger Brands in South Africa following the worst listeria outbreak in history linked to processed meat similar to bologna and hot dogs. The outbreak resulted in at least 216 deaths including almost 100 infants under 28 days old who were infected before birth and lasted for nearly a year and a half. Investigators for the government and in the private sector have not been able to determine how the outbreak strain was introduced to the affected factory. Andersen Sleater Sianni represents individuals in class actions against companies, who sell products that are not what they are represented to be. Clic

Romaine Returns to Market After Week Long Ban

Two days before Thanksgiving, the FDA made an unprecedented warning to not eat any romaine lettuce from any location and brand. The FDA has now asked companies to participate in a voluntary labeling of its products to indicate where its produce is grown. The FDA has narrowed the regions responsible for the e-coli risk as Central Coast growing regions of northern and central California, including Monterey, San Benito, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz, and Ventura. At least 43 people were known to have become ill from e-coli infections linked to romaine lettuce across 12 different states. Click here to read more about the latest on the romaine situation.

Champion Pet Foods Faces Pentobarbital Contamination

A class action recently revealed that in May 8, 2018, Champion Petfoods USA Inc. was the latest pet food company to contain pentobarbital. The Company was informed that three shipments of beef tallow delivered by their supplier were contaminated with pentobarbital, a tranquilizer often used to euthanize sick or fatally injured animals. It tested its products and retained its products in factories and from distributors but some potentially contaminated pet foods may have been sent to retailers and purchased by consumers. The Champion reveal follow several other recalls since 2017 involving pentobarbital in pet food. Andersen Sleater Sianni represents consumers of pet foods that might not be

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