Regulators Charge Company for Misrepresenting to that It Had Enforcement Authority

The Federal Trade Commission and the State of Florida charged a Florida man, Thomas Henry Fred, Jr. and his company, Starwood Consulting LLC doing business as Corporate Compliance Services with tricking business owners into buying labor law posters by sending mailers that mimic invoices from a government agency or authority. The notices directed them to pay $84 for posters and warned that, “Failure to comply with posting regulations can lead to fines of up to $17,000” while citing multiple federal statutes and listed a “Business ID” number and a response date. Andersen Sleater Sianni represents individuals and businesses that have been defrauded. Click here to read more about this.

Dairy Farm Warned by FDA for Adulterated Meat with Drug Residues

The FDA issued a warning letter to an Iowa dairy, Roorda Dairy LLC, after finding some of its animals sold for slaughter as food were adulterated. Specifically, the FDA found the presence of the drug tetracycline in edible tissue of the animal at levels up to 3 and 5 times the legal limit. Additionally, FDA investigators found that the firm’s extralabel use of the new animal drug Vetrimycin 100 was not used “as directed by its approved labeling” under the supervision of a licensed veterinarian. The FDA also found that Roorda provided a false guaranty that the animals presented for slaughter did not have an illegal level of drug residues. Click here to read more about the situation.

Horses Die from Contaminated Feed

The FDA is investigating horse feed from Gilman Co-Op Creamery in Gilman, MN that contained monensin, an animal drug, that has killed six horses from the same owner after eating it. Monensin is included in feed for cattle and the FDA found that the feed manufacturer failed to clean and have in place controls to prevent commingling and contamination that caused the toxic drug to be mixed into horse feed. Andersen Sleater Sianni attorneys represent persons who have been harmed as a result of adulteration of products or receiving products that are not what they are represented to be. Click here to read more about the horse feed contamination.

Fyre Festival Founder Fined $27.4M

The founder of a failed Bahamas music festival, Fyre Festival, William Z. “Billy” McFarland, will pay $27.4 million to settle SEC fraud charges. McFarland admitted to defrauding over 100 investors to invest in three businesses owned by McFarland by misrepresenting the financial strength and revenue of his companies, falsely claiming that he had bought cancellation insurance for the Fyre Festival and touting “exclusive, but, in fact, nonexistent” relationships with musicians. Andersen Sleater Sianni represents investors who have been defrauded. Click here for more information.

Regulators Investigate Whey Contaminated with Salmonella Linked to Recalls of Popular Foods

Various regulators, including the Food and Drug Administration, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, are investigating possible Salmonella contamination of a whey ingredient that has caused the recall of several popular foods, including Mondelēz’s Ritz cheese sandwiches and Ritz Bits cheese products, certain Pepperidge Farm’s Goldfish and Flowers Foods’ Swiss Roll. Associated Milk Producers Inc. (AMPI) of New Ulm, Minn., is recalling dry whey powder due to the potential to be contaminated with Salmonella. Click here for more information on this recall.

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