Wells Fargo Pays $480m to Settle Securities Class Action Over Fake Accounts

In one of the largest securities class action settlements ever, Wells Fargo agreed to pay $480 million to settle a securities class action lawsuit involving misrepresentations and omissions in its public filings involving its sales practices concerning millions of fake customer accounts. Andersen Sleater Sianni attorneys represent shareholders who have been defrauded. Click here to read more about the Wells Fargo settlement.

Another MLM Company Faces a Class Action Over Eyelash Enhancer

Consumers filed a class action against Rodan + Fields, a multilevel marketing company that sells cosmetics, for violating state consumer protection laws and engaging in fraudulent and unfair marketing of its Lash Boost eye serum. The plaintiffs state that the company fails to disclose the well-known side effects of a key ingredient in Lash Boost, a chemical called isopropyl cloprostenate, which is a type of medication called a prostaglandin analog used to treat eye conditions such as glaucoma. Another company, Allergen, with a similar product does disclose the side effects including "change(s) in iris color, eyelid drooping, itchy eyes, eye/lid discoloration, thinning and loss of eyelashes/

FTC Bites Back on Deceptive Bug Repellent Products

The FTC filed a complaint against Mikey & Momo, Inc. and its owners alleging that they made deceptive claims about their mosquito-repelling perfume sprays and scented candles, Aromaflage products, which they sold for $65 for a 50 ml bottle of spray and $40 for 7.5 oz. candle. The FTC stated that they falsely claimed their products were supported by scientific evidence, and multiple five-star Amazon reviews were written by one of the owners and her relatives that were not disclosed. Mikey & Momo agreed to settle the FTC charges that bars them from engaging in such deceptive conduct in the future and requires that they clearly and conspicuously disclose any material connections between a revie

Report Profiles Heavy Metals in Pet Foods

DC reporter investigated the high levels of heavy metals and toxins in pet foods compared to human food and found that although the metals are naturally occurring they are much higher in pet foods. She also found a lack of regulations surrounding such ingredients and studies considering the long term side effects. Andersen Sleater Sianni represents consumers, who have been misled by false advertising including in pet foods. Click here to read more about the story.

Feds Crack Down on E-Cigs Marketed to Kids

The FDA and FTC issued 13 warning letters to companies that misleadingly labeled or advertised e-cigarettes containing nicotine to children. They use marketing tactics such as making them look like food products such as juice boxes, candies, and cookies when in fact they are dangerous to children and can cause death, seizure, and coma. Andersen Sleater Sianni represents consumers who have been victims of false advertising. Click here for more information on the warning letters to e-cig companies.

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