Consumer Reports Finds Arsenic at Potentially Dangerous Levels in Bottled Water

A Consumer Reports' investigation found arsenic in some bottled water that exceeded the federal limit of 10 parts per billion. The CR review of public records and independent tests found Keurig Dr Pepper-owned Penafiel had water that tested as high as 17 parts per billion. According to some states, health officials and CR the arsenic limit should be changed to no more than 3 parts per billion. This report follows a recall in 2017 of more than 2,000 cases of Take Starkey Spring Water, owned by Whole Foods, that exceeded federal government's arsenic levels. Andersen Sleater Sianni represents consumers who may have purchased products that did not disclose their potential health and safety risks

Tax Filing Companies Deliberately Hid Free E-Filing Option

An media report found that tax filing companies including Intuit (Turbotax) and H&R Block among others deliberately hid the IRS' free, simple online system that allows the lowest-earning 70% of taxpayers — those with adjusted gross income of $66,000 or less — to prepare and file their federal and state taxes online. Instead these companies for their own benefit directed consumers to their paid programs to file their taxes. The Los Angeles City Attorney has already filed a lawsuit against some of these companies for defrauding taxpayers who would have qualified for the free filing service but instead bilked them for their own profits. Andersen Sleater Sianni represents consumers who have bee

Andersen Sleater Sianni Represents Consumers Penalized for Not Using Mail Order for their Prescripti

Ralph Sianni and Jessica Sleater of Andersen Sleater Sianni represent consumers who chose to refill their prescriptions at a retail pharmacy instead of using Express Scripts mail order program and were charged an undisclosed penalty as a result. New York law prohibits charging consumers who use a retail pharmacy over a mail order more for their prescriptions. PBMs like Express Scripts attempt to force consumers into using their mail order program by penalizing them if they don't actively opt out and continue to refill their prescriptions at a retailer instead. Click here to read the lawsuit and please reach out to us if you would like to learn more about this.

FDA Warns Meat Supplier After It Continued to Distribute Tainted Pet Food Ingredients

After a media investigation in early 2018 uncovered pentobarbital in Big Heart pet foods including Gravy Train, Kibbles and Bits and Ol'Roy, the FDA began its investigation as to how this drug used to euthanize animals and in human executions could wind up in pet food. The FDA investigated throughout 2018 and traced it to tallow, animal fat, from a major meat supplier, JBS that was used in the pet food. Big Heart conducted recalls of its products in 2018 and JBS stated to the FDA that was taking certain corrective measures including cleaning and conducting inspections of meat it received to prevent the poison from contaminating pet foods again. However, in a Warning Letter, official repriman

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