StubHub Facing Scrutiny for Failing to Disclose Fees

The National Advertising Division (NAD) raised with StubHub its misleading and deceptive practice of showing consumers a price for tickets and then tacking on service fees sometimes up to 25% of the cost at checkout, which prevents purchasers from assessing the true price or accurately comparison shopping. In response, StubHub claimed it was industry practice and refused to make changes to its practices. NAD has now referred the matter to the FTC. Andersen Sleater Sianni represents consumers have been victimized by false advertising. Click here to read more about StubHub.

Serial Weight Loss Product Marketer to Pay $2m for False Claims

Marketing Architects that was hired by companies to advertise their weight loss products was ordered to pay $2 million judgment in a lawsuit brought by the FTC and the Maine AG for creating and disseminating radio ads for diet products with a host of allegedly misleading claims and practices. The FTC and Maine AG previously settled lawsuits against some of those weight loss companies that used Marketing Architects, including Direct Alternatives for its products - Puranol, Pur-Hoodia Plus, PH Plus, Acai Fresh, AF Plus, and Final Trim and Sensa which paid $26.5 million to settle false claims regarding its weight loss products. Marketing Architects created radio ads for diet supplements and pro

Wine Product May Falsely Advertise That It Prevents Hangovers

Ullo touts its wine purifier product that claims it prevents hangovers by removing sulfites from wine. However in the fine print of its website, Ullo aknowledges that there are no clinical trials to prove this or that the product impacts other symptoms of hangovers. Andersen Sleater Sianni represents consumers who have been defrauded by false advertising. Click here to read more about this product.

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