Jessica Sleater Named Super Lawyer

Andersen Sleater Sianni partner, Jessica Sleater, was selected as 2018 Super Lawyer for the New York Metro Area. The honor of Super Lawyers is reserved for attorneys, who exhibit excellence in practice, and only 5% of attorneys in New York Metro area receive this distinction. Click here to read more about Jessica Sleater and Super Lawyers.

Jessica Sleater Interviewed about Pet Food Recalls

Andersen Sleater Sianni continues to represent consumers in a class action who are fighting back against Evanger's following its recall of so-called "human grade" "USDA inspected" pet foods that contained pentobarbital, a drug commonly used to euthanize animals and in human executions. A DC investigative reporter, covering the lawsuit interviewed Jessica Sleater about the FDA's response to Evanger's and another pet food company that was forced to recall its products after the DC station found they too contained pentobarbital. Click here for the full story.

Court Halts Bitcoin Pyramid Scheme

In a case brought by the Federal Trade Commission against individuals, who promoted Bitcoin Funing Team and My7Network, a federal court granted the FTC's motion to stop the promotion of deceptive money-making schemes involving cryptocurrencies. The FTC alleges that they falsely promised that participants could earn large returns by paying cryptocurrency to enroll in the schemes, when in fact the majority of participants would fail to recoup their initial investments. The scheme was based on getting others to purchase cryptocurrencies. Andersen Sleater Sianni represents victims of schemes that deraud. Click here to read more about the FTC case.

Andersen Sleater Sianni Represents Consumers Harmed by Hair Products

Consumers have filed class actions against Monat Global, a hair product company, that has caused some users of their products to lose their hair, which was the opposite of the representations on their products. Andersen Sleater Sianni is representing one of those brave plaintiffs in a nationwide class action proceeding in federal court in Florida claiming violation of laws for false advertising and unfair and deceptive practices. Click here to read more about the situation.

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