Salmonella Outbreak Leads to Recall of Papayas

Over 47 cases of Salmonella related to papayas across the country have been reported including five illnesses that health officials suspect might be related to two separate outbreaks. In connection with this a distributor, Grande Produce, voluntarily recalled of a limited quantity of Papaya Maradol (with the brand name Caribeña labeled on cartons) distributed during the dates of July 10 and July 19 due to a potential health risk from Salmonella. For more information on the recall, please click here.

Andersen Sleater Sianni Files RICO Class Action Against Petland

Andersen Sleater Sianni joined the Animal Legal Defense Fund in representing a class of customers of Petland, who were defrauded by its racketeering scheme to sell animals with certificates guaranteeing their health when it couldn't be determined whether they were healthy or not. Many purchasers' pets became ill almost immediately after getting home and some died. If you would like to contact us about it, please click here. Also for more information about the lawsuit, please click here.

FTC Bars Paint Companies from Making False Claims About Their Safety

Paint companies, Benjamin Moore & Co., Inc., ICP Construction Inc., YOLO Colorhouse, LLC, and Imperial Paints, LLC agreed to settle Federal Trade Commission charges that they deceptively promoted products as emission-free or containing zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and made safety claims regarding babies, children, pregnant women, and other sensitive populations. The settlement bars them from making unqualified emission-free and VOC-free claims and other unsubstantiated health and environmental claims, and ensure adequate disclosures on their seals. Andersen Sleater Sianni represents individuals who have been duped by false advertising. Click here to read more about the paint compan

CFPB Issues Rule Allowing Individuals to Seek Justice in Court

The Federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau announced its final rule regarding pre-dispute arbitration agreements involving financial product and services. Often when individuals sign up for financial services, the contract they sign, which cannot be negotiated, contains an arbitration agreement that prohibits individuals from pursuing a lawsuit, including a class action that is often the only feasible way for an individual to seek justice when they have been damaged by a financial institutions's bad acts. The CFPB's final rule prohibits certain financial service and product providers from using an arbitration agreement with a consumer that to bar the consumer from filing or participati

Target's Products May Not Be Made In the USA as Advertised

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) investigated Target after it was found that pillows advertised as "made in the USA" on their packaging in fact had labels that instead said "made in China." In response Target agreed to fix this misrepresentation to customers. However, a consumer advocacy group has found that Target has continued to advertise its products particularly on its website as "made in the USA" when they are not. Consumers are often seeking and willing to pay more for products that are "made in the USA." Andersen Sleater Sianni represents individuals, who have been defrauded by false advertising. Click here to read more about the Target "made in the USA" claims.

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