FDA Warns 14 Companies Against Falsely Advertising Fake Cancer Cures

The Food and Drug Administration sent warning letters to 14 companies peddling fake cancer cures using deceptive ads, videos, and other sophisticated marketing techniques, including testimonials about miraculous outcomes. Some companies provided a small print disclaimer that their products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease to avoid liability for their false claims. Andersen Sleater Sianni's attorneys represent individuals who may have been deceived by false advertising of products. Click here to read more about the FDA's actions involving cancer cure scams.

Online Auction Website Might Not Be Raffling Off the Quality Products It Claims

A class action has been filed against online auction website, DealDash. The plaintiff alleges that not only is the auction in fact a perverse lottery to defraud customers but that it is also misleading customers about the high-end nature of the products and their direct, undisclosed connection to DealDash. The brands are often compared with recognized luxury brands even though they are not. Andersen Sleater Sianni represents persons who have been defrauded by false advertising. Click here to read more about the DealDash case.

Bose Headphones May be Tracking and Sharing Your Information Without Authorization

A class action lawsuit alleges that Bose wireless headsets are tracking the songs you listen to and allegedly transmits this data along with other identifying information to third parties without users consent when they use the Bose Connect app on their smartphones. The complaint alleges violations of consumer protection and wire tap laws. Andersen Sleater Sianni attorneys represent individuals who have had their privacy violated in cases against corporations. Click here for more information about the Bose case.

Dead Bat Found in Walmart Salad Prompts Recall

Two customers, who purchased a Fresh Express Organic Marketside Spring Mix salad from a Walmart in Florida, found a decomposing bat in their salad while they were eating it. The Center for Disease Control is testing the bat for rabies and the customers were also tested. The bat caused a recall of the products and customers can request a full refund. Click here to read more about the recall.

California Supreme Court Protects Individuals' Rights Against Corporations

The California Supreme Court decided that arbitration agreements that purportedly waived individuals' right to seek injunctive relief to stop companies from fraudulent practices are unenforceable as a matter of public policy. Often banks and other companies that people buy products or services from require that if there is a dispute that it cannot be brought in court or as a class action. These arbitration provisions prevent most people from challenging any problems or frauds they might encounter because an arbitration can be very expensive for an individual to pursue without the potential for a large recovery. Class actions provide one of the only means for individuals to seek to stop compa

Wells Fargo Pays $110m to Settle Class Action over Fake Accounts

Wells Fargo has agreed to pay $110 million to settle claims that it opened an estimated 2 million fake accounts in order to meet sales goals. The payment will compensate all customers, who were victims of Wells Fargo's scheme at an estimated rate of $25 per person and in addition to amounts it has already paid. The settlement comes after Wells Fargo attempted to toss the claims from court by arguing that the plaintiffs were subject to arbitration under its contracts. Andersen Sleater Sianni's attorneys represent individuals that have been defrauded by corporations like Wells Fargo. To read more about the Wells Fargo settlement, click here.

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