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California Supreme Court Protects Individuals' Rights Against Corporations

The California Supreme Court decided that arbitration agreements that purportedly waived individuals' right to seek injunctive relief to stop companies from fraudulent practices are unenforceable as a matter of public policy. Often banks and other companies that people buy products or services from require that if there is a dispute that it cannot be brought in court or as a class action. These arbitration provisions prevent most people from challenging any problems or frauds they might encounter because an arbitration can be very expensive for an individual to pursue without the potential for a large recovery. Class actions provide one of the only means for individuals to seek to stop companies' bad practices that harm consumers. Companies may continue their bad acts without any accountability if they know that no one will do anything about it because it is cost prohibitive. The California decision could pave the way for individuals to fight back against corporate America. Andersen Sleater Sianni's attorneys fight back on behalf of consumers in class actions. Click here to read more about the California decision.

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