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Serial Weight Loss Product Marketer to Pay $2m for False Claims

Marketing Architects that was hired by companies to advertise their weight loss products was ordered to pay $2 million judgment in a lawsuit brought by the FTC and the Maine AG for creating and disseminating radio ads for diet products with a host of allegedly misleading claims and practices. The FTC and Maine AG previously settled lawsuits against some of those weight loss companies that used Marketing Architects, including Direct Alternatives for its products - Puranol, Pur-Hoodia Plus, PH Plus, Acai Fresh, AF Plus, and Final Trim and Sensa which paid $26.5 million to settle false claims regarding its weight loss products. Marketing Architects created radio ads for diet supplements and provided interactive voice response telemarketing support for sales, which falsely touted dramatic weight loss results and testimonials that were not supported by science. Andersen Sleater Sianni represents consumers who have been defrauded by false advertising. Click here to read more about Marketing Architects judgment.


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