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FDA Exploring Preventative Controls to Address Pervasive Issue of Pentobarbital in Pet Foods

The FDA first became aware of the presence of pentobarbital, a barbituate used to euthanize animals and in human executions, in the late 1990s, but recent recalls of pet foods found to contain it from smaller manufacturers of purportedly high-end products to more mainstream products, including Gravy Train and Kibble n Bits, have forced it to conclude that it is a pervasive problem and not isolated incidents. There is zero tolerance level for pentobarbital in pet food. The FDA indicated that it is continuing to investigate the issue and is seeking to implement preventative controls through the Food Safety Modernization Act to stop the practice that puts pets and their owners who handle pet food at risk. Andersen Sleater Sianni attorneys are representing consumers against a pet food company that recalled its products that the FDA tested and found to contain poisonous pentobarbital. Click here to read more about the FDA's actions regarding this.

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