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FDA Warns Meat Supplier After It Continued to Distribute Tainted Pet Food Ingredients

After a media investigation in early 2018 uncovered pentobarbital in Big Heart pet foods including Gravy Train, Kibbles and Bits and Ol'Roy, the FDA began its investigation as to how this drug used to euthanize animals and in human executions could wind up in pet food. The FDA investigated throughout 2018 and traced it to tallow, animal fat, from a major meat supplier, JBS that was used in the pet food. Big Heart conducted recalls of its products in 2018 and JBS stated to the FDA that was taking certain corrective measures including cleaning and conducting inspections of meat it received to prevent the poison from contaminating pet foods again. However, in a Warning Letter, official reprimand, issued by the FDA to JBS at the end of April 2019, the FDA stated that JBS's actions weren't good enough and it found its pet food ingredients to contain pentobarbital after it said it took these actions and pet food was distributed that contained pentobarbital. Andersen Sleater Sianni's attorneys represent consumers who have received products that are not what they are represented to be including contaminated with poisonous substances that may cause injury to themselves and their pets. Click here to read the FDA Warning Letter to JBS.

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