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FTC Sues Cambridge Analytica

The Federal Trade Commission filed an administrative complaint against Cambridge Analytica, and filed settlements for public comment with Cambridge Analytica’s former chief executive, Alexander Nix, and an app developer, Aleksandr Kogan, who worked with the company, alleging they employed deceptive tactics to harvest personal information from an identified 30 millions US Facebook users for voter profiling and targeting. The proposed settlements with Nix and Kogan include the requirement that they delete or destroy any personal information they collected. Kogan's app called the GSRApp — sometimes referred to as the “thisisyourdigitallife” app - asked users to answer personality and other questions, and collected information such as the “likes” of public Facebook pages by the app’s users and by the “friends” in their social network. The information was used to train an algorithm that then generated personality scores for the app users and their Facebook friends and matched them with U.S. voter records to profile voters and target advertising services. Andersen Sleater Sianni attorneys represent consumers, whose privacy may have been compromised without their knowledge. Click here to read more about the lawsuit against Cambridge Analytica.

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